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Excellent service et très bonnes prestations. Délais tenus et état des cartons impeccable (trajet Montréal - Rennes).
Merci tout particulier à Sophia Donas pour son travail parfait!
Date of Posting: 19 February 2021
Posted By: Charles Decroix
Rennes (France)
This was my first experience to ship overseas vehicle. I need to say that the service from GO TRANSPORT CANADA was outstanding. Besides all services that company provides I had a great advisor from Chris who gave me a lot of information regarding shipping costs and required steps that needs to be followed to make exporting/importing vehicle in another country possible. I would strongly recommend GO TRANSPORT CANADA for any shipping overseas as their prices are lower than most of the shipping companies I had contact with as well as security of shipping items. I was so happy that I received my vehicle in port of Gothenburg in Sweden in short period of time that I was really surprised. I left Canada at the beginning of October and my vehicle was in Sweden 4 weeks later. Thank you Chris for the great help and service.
Date of Posting: 28 December 2020
Posted By: Jasmin Ferhatovic
Stockholm, Sweden
Go Transport made my move to Greece an easy and pleasant transition. Barbara was in touch with me from beginning to end and guided me through any paperwork needed. I put my full trust into the company and am grateful for their professionalism and personal touch in moving all my personal belongings. I highly recommend the whole team at Go Transport and would not hesitate to use their service anytime, anywhere. Thank you to the whold team!!
Date of Posting: 20 August 2020
Posted By: Diana Katsoulis
I thank you Go transport Canada for their help to ship a car from Canada to Romania. Even though I never seen the car after I bought it from a dealer. Chris made sure to put the keys and to load the car. Thank you very much. With such nice people makes shipping a lot easier.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2020
Posted By: Willy Dorus
I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for GoTransport. I shipped with them from Canada to Israel. I had a large number of fragile items. I had virtually no breakage. The Movers who delivered to from Port in Haifa to Jerusalem could not get over the professionalism and perfection of the packing. I highly recommend using their packing service. Overall I received excellent courteous service. Dimitri Donas was responsive to all my needs and concerns. Moreover, their prices were the best available.
An excellent choice for long distance transport!

Feige Kaplan
Date of Posting: 26 December 2017
Posted By: Feige Kaplan
Jerusalem Israel
j'ai utilisé avec grande satisfaction les services de Go Transports fin septembre 2015. il s'agissait à l'époque de transporter 2 m3 d'effets personnels de Montréal à Funchal (Madère - Portugal). J'ai beaucoup apprécié les contacts que j'ai entretenu avec Sophia Donas qui a géré l'opération "de main de maître"; les choses se sont "un peu moins bien passées" à Madère où le correspondant de GO était situé dans un endroit montagneux (pour manipuler des containers, c'est pas l'idéal... et les douaniers madériens ont eu beaucoup de peine à m'y mener pour déplomber la boite et réceptionner les 2 m3°<br />
j'ai demandé à Sophia, pour mon prochain envoi (09/2018) de 3 ou 4 m3) d'utiliser les services d'un autre prestataire local que je lui proposerai<br />
elle a très bien compris mon problème et fera son possible pour me donner satisfaction<br />
je me permets en outre de conseiller à tout client de GO Transport d'entretenir avec Sophia des contacts téléphoniques de préférence aux courriels...<br />
sa voix melliflue qui est un ravissement, augure favorablement de la bonne fin d'opération et encourage à recommencer<br />
à novembre 2018 pour un nouveau commentaire du prochain envoi<br />
Date of Posting: 15 September 2017
Posted By: Bernard Levasseur
Everything went well, from receiving a bid (of which they were the clear lowest of 5), communication up to the actual moving day, and the happy team that did everything, as scheduled. Items were very well packed. Everything, except for one isolated lamp, was received as scheduled and found to be in order. The only issue would be that the suits should be packed in a different way. They were a bit more crumbled than we are used to when moving between continents. They should be hanging and not rolled and packed. We would not hesitate to use them again based on our experience.
Date of Posting: 19 August 2016
Posted By: Knut Skaar
Bonjour, j'ai eu une très bonne expérience avec Go transport, et je recommande vivement cette entreprise. Sophia réponds toujours très rapidement et efficacement. J'ai pris un containeur complet du Québec vers la France, l'équipe qui est venue sur place a été très professionnelle, les meubles ont été très bien emballé, et à l'arrivée aucune casse. C'est sur que si j'ai a nouveau a déménager, je recontacterais Go transport. Excellent service à toutes les étapes de notre déménagement. Merci à vous tous !
Date of Posting: 09 August 2016
Posted By: SANCHEZ
Je suis entièrement satisfaite par les services et l'équipe de Go Transport Canada. Nous avons utilisé leurs services pour notre déménagement de Montréal à l'île Maurice. Nous avons envoyé un volume de 4 mètres cube par groupage maritime.<br />
Une équipe très professionnelle. Sophia a toujours répondu rapidement à nos questions, Dimitri a estimé plus que précisément le volume de nos effets et l'équipe qui a emballé nos effets personnels a été très efficace et sympathique.<br />
Nos affaires sont arrivées à la date prévue et tout était en parfait état, rien de cassé.<br />
Et surtout nous avons eu un prix défiant toute concurrence. Un seul regret donc c'est de n'avoir trouvé cette compagnie que peu de temps avant notre grand départ car si j'avais eu un tel devis lorsque je débutais mes recherches plusieurs mois avant nous aurions vendu moins de choses et nous aurions fait envoyer plus d'affaires!
Date of Posting: 06 August 2016
Posted By: Justine
My experience with GoTransport is excellent. I used their services for my move from Canada to the Netherlands. I had less than a containerload, which made it hard to find a good deal at other companies, and GT had by far the best offer (all the other options I inquired about would have cost me almost three times as much or even more). I dropped off my goods at the Toronto warehouse, where they were wrapped and put on pallets, and I picked them up, only two weeks later in the Netherlands, with everything in perfect condition. Communication was also very professional and friendly. So highly recommended.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Niels

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