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7 Reasons to Let the Experts Pack your Boxes

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Have you ever hired a professional mover? Have you ever let a professional mover pack your boxes?

For some people the answer is, “Yes, wouldn’t do it any other way!”

And for others? More to the tune of, “Are you crazy? I’d never let someone else pack my stuff!”

Well if you’re in the second camp, this one’s for you. Here are seven excellent reasons to consider taking the plunge and hiring a pro to get your valuables from point A to point B.

1. Movers have mad skills. Let’s set the record straight. Movers are not a bunch of blundering giants. People who pack boxes professionally gain experience handling a variety of items, from weird to wonderful: they’ve got techniques for just about every situation, which the average person just wouldn’t know.

2. Moving abroad? Self-packed boxes spell trouble in customs. You never know: maybe everything will go smoothly on the border. But maybe it won’t. And you really don’t want a hassle of that scale: customs officials encourage hiring experts to pack for you.

3. Your moving insurance probably doesn’t cover self-packed boxes. When you hire a professional, your moving insurance company can assume a certain standard of safety for your valuables. When you do it yourself privately, all bets are off. It’s not personal… it’s liability.

4. It’s too easy to overpack when you’re tired and stressed. Really, who wants to run to the store to pick up a few more boxes after a long day of packing? When you’re packing your own stuff yourself, you end up cutting corners. Pros have the opposite incentive: they’re there to impress.

5. Two words: organizational efficiency. Think the movers are going to mix it up? Truth is, you’ll probably enjoy better organization when movers pack for you than when you do it yourself – even if you’re a neat freak. They’ll even inventory it for you, so you can find it all easily later!

6. Pros have more experience moving fragile items. Most of us are quite adept at handling our own fragile items around the house, but moving? It’s a whole different animal. From mirrors to crystal to oddly-shaped figurines, movers know all the tricks. Hey, it’s their job, after all.

7. Just because they’re packing doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. If you’re hesitant to entrust your stuff to other people’s hands, it’s okay. Most movers are happy to let you supervise. This option allows you to put your mind at rest without adding liability to your move.

When preparing for a move, do yourself a favor. Hire the pros to pack it for you. And don’t forget to get moving insurance while you’re at it: learn more here.

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